Shockwave Therapy

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Short description : Shockwave Therapy
GENTLE PRO is a Shock Wave Therapy System recommended for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, Cellulite, Skin Tightening & Skin Firmness, and Collagen Regeneration & Stretch Marks. It has two handpieces – Aesthetic and ED.

Aesthetic Handpiece
Studies have shown that Shock Wave treatment with Z Gentle Pro immediately after the Cryo Lipolysis procedure with Z Lipo & subsequent shock wave treatments once a week for 4 weeks will almost double the treatment results with respect to fat reduction!!

  • Increase Blood Flow & Lymphatic Drainage
  • Non-Invasive & Pain Free
  • Simultaneous connection of 2 Hand Pieces
  • Can be used in combination with Cryolipolysis, Radio Frequency, Ultra Sound

ED Handpiece

  • Improves Penile Stiffness & Longer erection
  • Stimulates the Corpus Cavenosum of the Penis
  • Neoangiogeneis – promotes the development of new blood vessels
  • Mild Moderate & Severe ED can be Treated
  • Totally Non Invasive Procedure
  • No pain & No downtime AND No risks or No adverse effects
  • Ergonomic Handpiece that reduces strain on the user
  • 15mm Applicator head helps in delivering the Shock wave energy in a targeted way.
  • Hand piece is water cooled –quieter and more comfortable.

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