Picosure, Cynosure

Picosecond Laser

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Picosure, Cynosure

Short description : Picosecond Laser

  • Picosure is the world’s first and only Picosecond laser using 755nm Alexandrite Laser.
  • WHY 755nm: Alexandrite 755nm has 3X higher absorption in melanin & greater efficacy with low fluence. 755nm goes deep enough to the dermis, absorbs melanin better and hemoglobin less. This translates to faster results and no downtime compared to 1064. This also reduces the risk of pinpoint bleeding & uniquely revitalizes skin with virtually no downtime.
  • PicoSure uses the latest scientific breakthroughs to enable clinical applications never available before.
  • Gold standard” pico-second laser, with the largest body of clinical evidence.
  • 755 nm wavelength and picosecond pulses ideal for safe and efficacious treatment of unwanted pigment.
  • Revolutionary Focus Lens Array activates cell signaling to stimulate elastin & collagen production.
  • Fast, no downtime treatments (1-3 hours of redness).
  • Photomechanical efficacy for faster clearance of all ink colors and fewer side effects than a nanosecond laser.

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