Helium Plasma with RF Energy


Short description : Helium Plasma with RF Energy

Renuvion is a cosmetic technology combining the unique properties of Helium Plasma with the Proprietary form of RF Energy. Renuvion is an excellent tool used for the cutting coagulation ablation & dissection of the tissues.

  • Renuvion has the ability to deliver heat to a tissue in such a way that was never possible before!
  • Heats tissue to 85 deg C to achieve 50% more collagen contraction & 3500 times faster. However, the skin temperature will not rise more than 4 deg C.
  • Renuvion provides rapid heating and near instantaneous cooling, in less than one sec.
  • Simultaneous heating and rapid cooling allows Renuvion to quickly heat the subdermal tissues to maximum while minimizing the thermal diffusion to skin surface.
  • Renuvion can deliver full power to all the soft tissues unlike traditional Monopolar & Bipolar RFs.
  • Renuvion allows 360 deg energy application to the desired tissues in the subdermal space.

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