Surgitron Dual RF 120, Ellman

Surgical RF System

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Surgitron Dual RF 120, Ellman

Short description : Surgical RF System

  • The patented Surgitron Dual RF™ unit represents advanced RF technology that provides unparalleled surgical control, precision, versatility and safety.
  • Exceptional precision and control through two distinct frequencies – Monopolar (4.0 MHz) and Bipolar (1.7 MHz).
  • 73% less thermal spread as compared to other RF’s.
  • Excellent cosmetic results with minimal scar tissue.
  • Quick recovery due to limited tissue destruction.
  • Decreased post-operative pain.
  • Less burning or charring of tissues unlike laser or conventional electrosurgery.
  • Minimal heat dissipation with maximum readability of histologic specimen.
  • Precise incisions in very thin, delicate mobile or tension–free tissues.
  • Easy operation with clear setting display via Digital Control Panel.
  • Reliable, consistent energy emission through Solid State Circuitry.

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